Siddhanath Mahadev Olpad Surat Temple History

Once in ancient times robbers came after seeing Siddhanath Mahadev temple. It occurred to the robbers that there would be gold, silver, treasure etc. under the Shivling of the temple built by the king. So the robbers stomped on the Shivlinga and inflicted many wounds on it with a hammer and an axe. So the Lord got angry and innumerable scales in the wound holes of Shivlinga appeared as beetles and bit the robbers in anger.

The robbers fled from there. Biting his eyes with rage, he became blind. Then he begged for forgiveness so that the beetles disappeared. Thus the Shivling was broken. To preserve the importance and sanctity of this Linga, Lord Shiva revealed the secret Ganga from this Shiv Linga which continues to flow even today. There is saline land all around. But the Ganges water of Shivlinga is as sweet as coconut water.

Siddhanath Mahadev Olpad Surat Temple History

Ancient History of Siddhnath Mahadev Temple

In ancient times, after the death of Ravana, Shri Ramchandraji Bhagwan, who was saddened by the sin of killing Braha, came to this place. In the sun of Capricorn, Ramachandraji worshiped Lord Siddhnath Mahadev and His Eshwara Mahadev, and by taking bath in Ramkund, the human does not enter the womb again. The reading of verses 40 to 50 of the above Purana has said that Sri Ramachandraji himself did this Siddha. Mahadev is worshipped. After this puja, when Sri Ramachandraji felt like performing Yajna and giving charity to the Brahmins, Sage Gokarna asked Sri Ramachandraji to bring the Brahmins from the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh.

Ramachandraji sent Hanumanji. Hanumanji went to the Brahmin and prayed, O excellent Brahmins, I request you to approach Siddheshwar Mahadevdada near the banks of Tapi river. The Brahmins refused to leave the Ganges and go there. Hanumanji said, ‘The fruit that is obtained by drinking Gangaji for the whole life, one gets eight times the fruit of the remembrance of Tapi.’ Then Hanumanji said, “O excellent Brahmin, the angel who cannot do his duty, who shows his face to his lord, is considered a sinner. , he hates it.”

Siddhanath Mahadev Olpad Surat Melo

The wound marks and claw marks on the Shivlinga are still visible today. (Photo-20) In Vikram Samvat 1913, Padmakund was established in Allpad on the third day of Jeth Vad 3rd Friday. Years ago Sri Avadhuta Maharaj also stayed here for a long time and composed the Siddhanath source. A two-day big fair is held here on the day of Magashar Sud Agiyaras. Shivlinga is seen in the morning.

At night, Mahapuja is performed and the turban is seen. (Photo-21) On the next morning, ghee lotus is made and offered on Shivlinga. It is seen. (Photo-22) Thousands of people come to have darshan. Bhajan-Kirtan is performed all day on this day. On this day, one hundred years of austerity on Sri Raul mountain, the same amount of merit is gained by having darshan of Sri Siddhnath Mahadev on the day of Magshar Sud Agiyaras.

Siddhanath Mahadev Olpad Surat katha

Near Urpatnani (Olpad taluk) is a nice named village situated on the bank of river Sena. Saras means lake. Near Saras village there is a miraculously beautiful historical temple of Sri Siddhanath Mahadev. (Photo-1) which brings happiness, peace and joy to the mind. In this Skanda Purana, there is a thirteenth chapter called “Tapimahatmche” Siddheshwar, Prabhava, in which the Mahatma of Lord Siddhnath Bhagwan is described. Regarding Siddhnath Mahadev’s Swayambhu Linga, in verse 18 of this 41st chapter. It is mentioned that Siddheshwar Mahadev, who freed human beings from the world, appeared due to the strength and meditation of Sage Shri Gokarna.

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