This Bollywood beauty took such a picture lying on the floor, people said – the floor should not catch fire!

There are many such divas in the Bollywood industry, whose beauty can write an entire book. I don’t know how many beauties share their photos or videos on social media every day. But some of these images make a deep impression on people’s hearts. Seeing bold pictures will make you sweat Vani Kapoor posted two … Read more

Guaranteed Fortune Plan launched by Canara HSBC Life Insurance

Life insurance company Canara HSBC life insurance has launched a non-linked, non-participating individual savings life insurance plan “Guaranteed Fortune Plan”. The company said that this new offering is also a POS (Point of Sale), life insurance product. The product offers two plan options with the flexibility to the customers, the first option is the Guaranteed … Read more

What is the difference between Life Insurance and General Insurance?

There’s a lot of talk on insurance in the country. Along with health insurance, mindfulness has also swelled among people descrying life insurance. still, indeed moment there are people who don’t understand the disparity between Life Insurance and General Insurance. Allow us understand both manners of insurance moment. From this we will see the disparity … Read more

What is Hybrid Car and how does it work?

Currently, along with electric cars, hybrid car segment cars are also getting a lot of discussion in India. Maruti Suzuki introduced its Grand Vitara (Maruti Grand Vitara) and Toyota introduced the Urban Cruiser Hyrider SUV. Both of them work on hybrid technology and are the highest mileage SUVs in the country. Its mileage is up … Read more