How to run adobe lightroom app in Android?

Adobe Lightroom is the most preferred Photo Editing Apps for Photo Editor in today’s time. Because this application is very easy to understand. It can match Android Photoshop App Presets, Watermarking, Exposure Adjustment, RAW Photos Support and Desktop Version. Adobe Lightroom also comes with a built-in camera with Advance Tools. In this app, you also … Read more

How to create id on snapchat?

If you also want to create an account on Snapchat but you do not know how to create an account on Snapchat, then it does not matter because today we will give you detailed information about how to create a Snapchat account. Today we will tell you about Snapchat, what is Snapchat and how to … Read more

IIT Delhi has launched a mobile app called IITD Aab Prahari

In the IITD Aab Prahari mobile application system, communities and individuals are provided with real-time reporting of waterlogging or waterflooding incidents on their surrounding roads and surrounding areas, by capturing the waterlogging information and uploading it to a central server. Are given. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has joined hands with UK Research and … Read more

What is the use of Sandes app?

If you are a Smart Phone User then you must be using Instant Messaging Application, which is the most popular WhatsApp because its number of users is highest compared to other apps, but due to the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy that came in January 2021, WhatsApp users are nowhere to be found. Somewhere concerned about … Read more