This Bollywood beauty took such a picture lying on the floor, people said – the floor should not catch fire!

There are many such divas in the Bollywood industry, whose beauty can write an entire book. I don’t know how many beauties share their photos or videos on social media every day. But some of these images make a deep impression on people’s hearts.

Seeing bold pictures will make you sweat

Vani Kapoor posted two pictures of her Instagram handle. After seeing these images, people’s heart rates increased significantly. People are loving Vani’s photoshoots so much that people are asking her for more photos. First of all, you will also see these photos becoming more and more viral on Instagram social media.

Mercury social media has risen

Only two photos have caused heat in social networks. After seeing these pictures, people started getting hot even in the month of December. Vani Kapoor wears a lavender dress. It is clearly seen in the second picture that Vaani Kapoor is wearing a very tight fitting outfit. The actress is seen wearing a necklace. Vani’s photo has gone viral on social media.

People can’t look away

Vani looks great in this photo shoot. After seeing Vani in a revealing outfit, people find it hard to take their eyes off her. In the comments section, while one user said that the floor can burn, another user said beauty and fire.

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