What is Facebook and how do you run Facebook?

If you also want to know what is Facebook, how to use Facebook, then this blog post is going to be very important for you because today we are going to tell you about this topic, what is Facebook and how to use Facebook.  do |

What is Facebook and how do you run Facebook?

What is facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform that provides us with a platform where we can connect with our friends, acquaintances, and some new people, talk to them, and see some glimpses of their life.  Facebook gives us the opportunity to connect back with people we may not have met in years.

On Facebook, we can share photos, share moments of everyday life with our friends, and chat with them, that too for free.

How to run Facebook?

Facebook is designed primarily for college students. Therefore its primary users are students only. So let’s now know about some basic features of Facebook:

1. In this, a profile picture is used for identity.

2. Contact information and About You space are there to increase acquaintance with each other.

3. Wall – This is a place where your friends can publicly post comments (a digital bulletin board)

4. Status update – This is a tab where you tell your friends about yourself and what you are doing.

5. News Feed – In this, information is updated regularly about your friends, groups that you have joined, applications or friends that those people have added, along with if anyone has changed anything in their profiles, then that feed  appears in.

6. This is a space that is used to upload photos and videos.

But there are many other features in Facebook that you cannot see in any other social software sites, they are also customizable and you can add as many applications as you want.

Along with this, facebook also adds many such features from time to time, which you can easily use in your profile.


Facebook is also a platform that delivers many important news to us and at the same time it is a very big medium of advertisement.  By creating an account on it, you can use it and connect with many new and old people.

If you know what is our Facebook and how do we run Facebook?  If you liked it, then definitely share it with your friends, and if you have any question for us, then tell us by writing it in the comment.

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