What is Byju’s App or Advantage Of BYJU’s The Learning App? – Full Details

Hello friends, first of all welcome to ActiveNewsToday. Today’s article is going to be very special and interesting. If you are a student then today’s article can be very beneficial for you.

What is Byju's App or Advantage Of BYJU's The Learning App? -  Full Details

Because in today’s article, we are going to know about such an app, with the help of which we can easily do online studies sitting at home.

The name of this app is BYJU’s The Learning App. This app is a very amazing app for all the students, with the help of which you can easily study online.

Nowadays, you will find many apps on Google Play Store, with the help of which you can study online, but out of all those apps, I think this is the best app because the design of this app is completely user friendly.

So that no student has any problem in using it. First time users using this app can also use it easily.

So friends, let us now take complete information about Byju’s Learning App in today’s article.

WHAT IS BYJU’S APP? What works?

Friends, the full name of this app is BYJU’S The Learning App. which is related to education. On this app, students are provided online education for free. After installing this app in mobile, you can study online from your mobile sitting at home, that too for absolutely free.

This app is mainly made for the students of class 4 to class 12. Along with this, information related to competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IAS is also given in it. In this app, all the topics of both the subjects of Science and Mathematics have been explained very well. On this app you will find all their topics, which are explained in a very wonderful way. With the help of this app, you can understand maths and science subject very well.

How to Download Byjus Classes App?

You can also download BYJU’s App by following these steps.

  • First open Play Store App in your phone.
  • Then click in the search bar on the top and type BYJU’s.
  • BYJU’s – The Learning App will start appearing in the top search on your phone as soon as you do this search.
  • Your download will start as soon as you click on the Install button and BYJU’s App will be installed automatically in a while.

Advantage Of Byjus Classes App?

  • Its biggest feature is that it is taught here by the top teachers of India.
  • It also has the facility of Free Demo Classes.
  • According to the need, extra classes are also given to the students for additional support.
  • Here the student has a chance to choose the class timings according to him.
  • Homework is also given after each class.
  • Here studies are done on the basis of School Syllabus.
  • Monthly Test is also taken here.
  • Byjus also gives a chance to take scholarship.
  • There is also the facility of Career Counseling.
  • Here the Monthly Progress Report is provided to the student. And so on….


If you are a student and want to do online learning then this app will be very useful for you. So friends, today you learned about What is Byju’s App or Advantage Of BYJU’s The Learning App?

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