What is Hybrid Car and how does it work?

Currently, along with electric cars, hybrid car segment cars are also getting a lot of discussion in India. Maruti Suzuki introduced its Grand Vitara (Maruti Grand Vitara) and Toyota introduced the Urban Cruiser Hyrider SUV. Both of them work on hybrid technology and are the highest mileage SUVs in the country. Its mileage is up to 28Kmpl. Apart from this, this feature is also available in many other cars including Honda City, Volvo XC90, Lexus NX. So let’s understand what finally happens. Hybrid cars and how this works?

What is Hybrid Car?

However, in hybrid cars you find an additional electric motor along with the petrol engine. This battery pack reduces fuel consumption. So the car gets good mileage. However, the special thing is that you don’t need to charge its battery separately. This keeps charging automatically as needed.

How do hybrid cars work?

Two things are used to drive hybrid cars, one is a petrol engine and an electric motor is also fitted. As much as possible to drive the vehicle, it uses the battery. But when more power is needed, the battery starts to run out, then it shifts to the petrol engine. Meanwhile, the petrol engine also charges the battery. The special thing is that the process of shifting from battery to petrol and from petrol to battery is smooth. And you don’t even feel it.

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