The lure of CryptoCurrency hit hard, losing 30 lakhs Rupee

Dadra Nagar Haveli police have arrested two members of a gang in Kerala who blackmailed people in the name of digital currency after filing a complaint in Selvas police station as a victim of fraud of lakhs of rupees.

A hawker in Dadra Nagar Haveli of Sangh Pradesh is tempted to make big money in cryptocurrency. This rich man who bought digital currency from an unknown website got trapped and lost 30 lakh rupees. The Dadra Nagar Haveli police, who filed a complaint in the Selvas police station after being cheated of lakhs of rupees, have arrested two members of a Kerala gang who extorted lakhs of rupees from people in the name of digital currency and planted lime and put them behind bars.

People have been investing in cryptocurrencies for some time now. Scammers are investing millions of rupees in digital currencies for the lure of high returns in short-term shortcuts. Then a miscreant named Satish Kumar from Samvarani of Patnagar Selwas of Dadra Nagar Haveli tried to buy digital currency from an unknown link in the lure of making quick money and getting higher returns.

Some fraudsters contacted them and first added them in a WhatsApp group and then lured them with real digital currency initially and built their trust. After that, one after the other, they demanded money in different accounts and stole more than 30 lakh rupees in total. Later, when that unknown website was shut down, it was realized that Maletujar of Selvas himself had been cheated. On learning that he has been cheated of millions.

Took shelter of the Selwas police and lodged a complaint against the unknown assailants at the Selwas police station. Thus, as soon as the complaint of massive cyber crime was filed, a team of Selvas police intensified the investigation in all directions to nab these cyber criminals. So finally Selwas police got success and in this case they have nabbed two accused named Mohammad Anas and Albin CB from Kerala.

By bringing these two accused to jail and interrogating them in their own style, the network of this gang, which lured people in the name of digital currency and cheated millions of rupees, has been exposed. The preliminary investigation of the police revealed that the digital currency craze has been increasing among people for some time now. People invest in digital currencies with the temptation of getting multiple returns by investing less time and less money. Finally some cyber criminals take advantage of the lure of such people. Who offer fake digital currency to people and extort lakhs of rupees.

The police investigation has also revealed a shocking revelation that the members of this Margabaj gang operate in different ways. Someone deposits money in their account, other people prey on such people. Thus, these cyber criminals cheat many people of millions of rupees in the name of cryptocurrency. The modus operandi of this gang is also very complicated.

The finance minister of the country Nirmala Sitaram has made many strict laws for cryptocurrencies in this time’s budget. So the first case of fraud in the name of crypto currency has come out in Dadra Nagar Haveli. So now two accused have been arrested. Selvas Police has succeeded in breaking a link in the chain of this crypto currency scam. But if the Selwas police investigates this scam more deeply, there are chances of uncovering nationwide scams by Margabaj gangs who cheated people out of lakhs of rupees in the name of digital currency.

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