iPhone 14 launch, the phone will work on e-SIM, find out the price and specifications

The company launched the iPhone 14 series at the Apple event. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch and new AirPods have also been launched. The company has provided modern functions in the new products.

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The world’s leading company Apple released iPhone-14, Apple Watch 8 and AirPods at its event. The Apple-14 will have an older design and processor. But the company’s iPhone 14 will be 5G. So the iPhone will not have a SIM card slot. The company has added many new features to the iPhone.

Price for iPhone 14

In the case of Apple, the price of the iPhone 14 is 799 dollars (in India – about 63 thousand), and the iPhone 14 Pro – 899 dollars.

Satellite function for America and Canada

The satellite feature is for America and Canada, India will not get this feature. This feature will be available in America and Canada from November. It will be free for two years, after which you will have to pay money.

The “Satellite” feature will be found in the iPhone 14
This feature of the phone will come in handy in places where there is no cell tower. It is specially brought for remote areas and emergencies. Thanks to this function, calls from the satellite can be made without a SIM card.

The iPhone 14 will not have a SIM card slot

This time, the company has removed the SIM card slot from the iPhone 14. But it will be for America, the Indian models may offer a SIM card slot. iPhone 14 will only work on e-SIM.

Old design, old processor, but a new name: iPhone 14

Apple released the iPhone 14 with an old design and an old processor. The memes started on Twitter. Many people miss Tim Cook and say that Apple is no longer innovating. After all, the company has been producing phones of the same design for many years.

Older processor in iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is powered by the A15 Bionic chipset. This processor was also offered in the iPhone 13, but the company says that this processor has been heavily modified. This smartphone has a 12-megapixel camera.

Launch of Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods have been launched. There are no significant changes in the design. Apple AirPods Pro also looks like the old AirPods. Sound quality and battery are good, no design changes.

30 hours of battery life, 6 hours of listening time
This time, with the AirPods Pro, you’ll get a total of 30 hours of battery life, and without the case, you’ll get 6 hours of backup. It can also be charged wirelessly using MagSafe.

Apple Watch Series 8 design

Apple Watch Series 8 comes with Always On Display. She looks very stylish and amazing. It is also water and dust resistant. As with the Watch Series 7, there are several modes available to keep you fit. A series of 8 watches with a temperature sensor has been released.

Apple Watch Series 8 features

A new feature introduced in the Apple Watch Series 8 is car accident detection. It can save you from accidents. It comes with a powerful battery. This time it has low power mode. It will last up to 36 hours on a full charge. Watch Series 8 will receive support for international roaming abroad. The cost of which will be much less. This means that the Apple Watch will come in handy when traveling abroad. It is available in silver, gold and graphite colors.

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