How to Hide WhatsApp Chat 2022’s New Method

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat Whenever we have a personal chat with someone. So there is always a fear that if someone gets the phone, then he can read our personal WhatsApp chat. But if you use our mentioned trick then no one will be able to read your Whatsapp Chat.

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat 2022's New Method

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

Because with the help of this trick, you can hide all the chats of a group or person in one go. After this you will not need to delete any personal chat. Very few people know this trick, so you can use it.

As we all know WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger apps in the world. Which is used by crores of people, it has been almost 11 years since the launch of WhatsApp. But its proprietary company Facebook keeps on releasing new updates from time to time in it.

With every update, you get to see some new features. One such feature is to hide chat. If you also want to know that WhatsApp Chat Hide Kaise Kare, then read this post carefully, you will get to know a lot in this.

How to Hide WhatsApp chat Step By Steps

Here we are going to talk about the archive chat feature of WhatsApp. The function of this feature is to delete your chat from the screen. With the help of this feature, it is easy to hide the chat and it is also easy to unhide the chat.

  • First of all open the home page of WhatsApp in your phone.
  • Now if you want to hide the chat of any group or friend, then long press on its name i.e. hold the screen for a while.
  • This will bring up a few options at the top of the screen which will also have an archive chat icon.
  • Click on the Archive icon to hide the chat.
  • After this the chat will disappear from your WhatsApp home screen.

Friends, I hope that you all have understood how to Hide or Lock Whatsapp Chat, if you all still face any kind of problem, then you all can ask by commenting, we will help you as soon as possible. do our best.


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