How to avoid E-sim card fraud.

There is a village 250 km away from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state, whose name is Jamtara phishing has become the hub of online fraud. The fraud masters of Jamtara have given a new birth to online fraud, its name is esim fraud which is your bank in a pinch. Can clear the account. So now how to avoid esim fraud.

How to avoid E-sim card fraud.

What is E-sim?

The same SIM that is installed in your phone is the full form of SIM, subscriber identity module, inside it you have that information that tells your identity to the telecom operator, after which the operator allows you to use the network, after which you can use the SIM. Only then you are able to make calls and messages, only then you are able to run the network on the mobile.

E-sim is its electronic sim, such a sim card in which there is no need to install a physical sim card, there is only one thing which is registered on the telecom network.

You can change the network of E-sim only as you usually remove the old SIM card from your phone and insert a new SIM card, similarly you can register the SIM card from one network to another network.

How is E-sim card fraud happening?

To get the E-sim card activated, contact your telecom sector. For e-sim, a page has to be entered or KYC has to be completed, after that you get a QR code whose scanning gives the subscription data, it has to be installed in the system in the smartphone or this smart watch.

Those who are fraudsters, don’t just register this SIM card in your name and empty your bank account, what is that not all otp, s.m.s. Messages come through and your bank account and many other details go away.

How do Phishingger people get E-sim card registered in your name?

According to the information, these fraudsters are able to get some numbers and try to log in to the banking app, if from any number, the application of that bank is put in Google pay, phone pay and accepts OTP, then understand, their victim has been found. The game begins with a call to customer care asking for details to update or KYC your SIM card.

Once your trust is received, they consider your email address which is the email address which is registered with your bank and send a request to your original customer care that the thing that you want your own email address along with mobile number. To do this, those who change the email id from your email, change the email id by writing text and ask you to forward to the official customer care and your mobile number will be linked in your bank account. And your customer care sends a request to convert your sim to e-sim.

How to avoid E-sim card fraud.

Do not trust any scheme you have heard, think a hundred times before doing it. If you have some work related to SIM, then you should call customer care yourself. Or go to the retailer of the telecom store, get the work done in front of your eyes.

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