Comparison between laptop and computer, which one is better?

Today, through this article, I am going to tell you about the difference between laptop and computer. If you want to know before buying a computer or laptop, which is better in laptop and computer, then after reading this article today, you will understand well which of the two will be better for you.

Although both laptop and computer are better in their own place. You can buy them according to your needs.

Today, through this article, I will tell you what is the difference between a laptop and a computer, which of the two is better, should we buy a laptop or a computer? I am going to tell about all the things one by one.

As you know that to work in this changing world, a computer or laptop is needed. Even computers or laptops are used to make bills at offices, banks, malls, schools, colleges, and big shops.

There is no place where computer is not used for work. In such a situation, when many people think of buying it, they get confused and start thinking which is better in computer and laptop?

So to understand who is better in computer and laptop, one has to know about their specialty, so let’s start…

What is the difference between laptop and computer?

1) Size Comparison

Many people also know the computer by the name of Desktop, its size is slightly larger than the laptop because all the components like CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse are all different in it.

Due to its large size, you cannot carry it from one place to another. It requires electricity to run.

The size of a laptop is smaller than that of a computer, it does not have different components like mouse, CPU, keyboard and monitor like a computer. Everything is already inbuilt in the laptop. It looks like a notebook which you can easily carry in your bag while traveling anywhere. It has a rechargeable battery that you can recharge and use the laptop anytime and anywhere.

2) Price Comparison

Talking about the cost of computer and laptop, both have different prices. You can get a good fast speed computer between Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000.

While talking about the price of the laptop, it comes expensive than the computer. If you take a powerful laptop (with good graphics, high speed and more storage, then you have to spend around 40,000 to 50,000 rupees.

3) Processor Comparison

Computer processors are bigger and more powerful than laptops because computer processors have a larger cooling system. And it works better for longer time than laptop.

While talking about laptop processors, they are smaller in size than computer processors and their cooling system is also small, due to which they provide less performance than computers. Although the performance of gaming laptops is better than normal laptops, but their price is also in lakhs.

4) Screen Size Comparison

In computer, you can use the screen size according to your need. The bigger the size of the monitor you use, the bigger the screen you get. In the computer, you can change the screen size of the monitor, you can connect large screen monitors, TVs and projectors with the computer.

But you cannot change the screen size in a laptop, because it does not have a separate monitor like a computer. Like the mobile in the laptop, the screen is already given.

5) Repairing Cost Comparison

Computer repairs are cheaper than laptops. If there is some fault in the computer then it is easy to repair it because all the hardware (CPU, Keyboard and Mouse) are different in it.

Suppose the keyboard is damaged in your computer, then you can buy a new keyboard of better quality from the market for 200 to 250 rupees and use it.

Whereas the repairing cost of laptop is 5 times more than that of computer. If the keyboard gets damaged in your laptop, then it costs you 1500 to 2000 rupees to replace it.

Because the price of laptop keyboard is 1500 to 1600. And you cannot change it by yourself, to replace it, you have to go to the laptop mechanic who charges ₹ 500 or more service charge separately for changing the keyboard.

6) Upgradation Comparison

As I have already told you that all the parts in a computer are different. So you can easily upgrade your computer according to your needs. You can upgrade CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, Graphics Card, Screen Size and Speed ​​in the computer. And if you want, you can convert your normal computer into a gaming and super computer. There is no limit to upgrade the computer.

Whereas you can upgrade the laptop only up to some limit. In this you can upgrade only RAM and storage. In this you cannot upgrade the CPU. Because it stays inbuilt with the mother board. You cannot convert a normal laptop to a super laptop.

7) Power Require Comparison

To run a computer, more power is required than a laptop because it has high-powered components. And a computer system ranges from 500W to 700W.

On the other hand, the laptop does not require much power to run. It is only 40W to 80W.

A computer is required to run the computer. And you cannot use it when there is no electricity. Whereas you can use the laptop by charging it like a mobile. Because it has an inbuilt battery.

8) Gaming Comparison

Computers are considered the best for gaming. Because gaming requires high performance. The size of the computer is large, so you can include two or more video cards at the same time in your computer like a graphic card. Due to which it always gives better performance in terms of gaming.

Whereas you cannot do anything like this in a laptop. The size of the laptop is smaller than the computer, so you cannot include more video cards in it and the power is also limited in it. Therefore, it is not in the power of the laptop to operate these cards.

9) Video Editing Comparison

Computers are used more for video editing than laptops, because video editing requires high power to run the software. Apart from this, there is more load on the CPU in video editing, due to which it gets hotter but its cooling system keeps it from getting worse.

On the other hand, you cannot do professional level video editing in a laptop. Because it is not capable of high level video editing. In this the laptop will be very hot and there is also a chance of getting damaged.

10) Connectivity Comparison

For connectivity in the laptop, you get inbuilt wifi and Bluetooth. With which you can connect to the Internet and any device without a wire.

Whereas in computer you do not get this facility. WiFi and Bluetooth are not already inbuilt in the computer. To use wifi and bluetooth in computer, you have to buy a small wifi modem by spending 800 to 1000 rupees, which you can add wifi feature to your computer by inserting the computer USB.


Both computer and laptop are good, it depends on your needs. If you are an official person, then you should buy a laptop because you can take the laptop with you for office work and take it anywhere. Because it is very light. The laptop is specially made for the official logo only.

But if you do work like video editing, or gaming while staying in one place, then you should buy a computer because computer is best for such tasks.

Today in this article I told you what is the difference between laptop and computer, who is better in this. I hope this article must have helped you. If you liked this information, then you must share this post with your friends on the social site Facebook, WhatsApp so that more people know about this information about it.

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